Hike Updates

Chapter 21: Ramat HaNadiv

Feb 8, 2019

Both bus stops outside Ramat HaNadiv have been moved farther south along Route 652. And crosswalks have been added, making the business of crossing the road significantly less death-defying. Yay!


The bus stop to get off at for Ramat HaNadiv is now a few meters south of the park entrance road & before the gas station, and no longer north of it. When you're headed back to Binyamina, find the return bus stop another hundred meters south of the old bus stop location marked in the book.

Beautiful wildflowers in bloom today!

Bus stop moved

Bus Stops Moved

Chapter 9: Migdal Tsedek in Rosh Ha'ayin

Dec 18, 2018

The park, which used to be "closed, walk around the gate" is now closed "for real." The City & Parks Authority are redoing the road through the park - looks like it will be lovely when finished in March 2020.

If you find yourself in Rosh Ha'ayin needing a hike, hop over instead to Chapter 10: Wildflowers in Rosh Ha'ayin Forest.


Closed Until 2020

Chapter 7: Yarkon Springs & Tel Afek

Aug 5, 2019

The shopping center in front of Petah Tikva Segulah Train Station is now closed and fenced off on the side opposite the train station. You can no longer follow the directions that lead through the shopping center.


To get to the corner of Highway 40 & Natan Shifris St, take an immediate right when you exit the train station - you will see a ramp heading east under the highway, parallel to the train tracks. Take the ramp under the highway, then turn left and walk carefully north along the east side of the highway (in the direction of traffic) until Natan Shifris St.

Directions to entrance changed

Directions to Entrance Changed

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