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  • What level are the hikes? Are any wheelchair accessible?
    Easy to medium. The hikes stay in the center of Israel, i.e. mostly flat terrain, so no rock-scrambling required. Wheelchair-accessible hikes in Apollonia, Acre, and Caesarea are included.
  • Don't bus and train routes change?
    Of course routes change! But bus and train stops (and trail head locations) rarely do. Our goal is to make you aware a hike exists, and to give you enough information to get you there. Before you head out, please do put the stops into Google Maps or Waze or Moovit to find the current fastest route.
  • Is the book in bookstores?
    Yes! Steimatzky, Tzomet Sefarim, the Bauhaus Visitors' Center, Ramat HaNadiv Gift Shop, and others all carry "Tripping out of Tel Aviv".
  • I know a hike you should add!
    Amazing! Thank you! Please tell us about it, and we can write it up together to add to the website.
  • Why isn't this an app?
    Two reasons: 1. When we want to find a new hike, we hit the internet, and scroll, click, scroll, click .. three hours wasted and who has time for a hike? So we created this book for you. Open up to any page at random, and GO! 2. Paper maps and directions. Bury the phone in your backpack until the end, because you can enjoy your surroundings without electronic distractions.
  • Do you have bulk pricing? (I'd like to order for my internship program.)
    Yes! Please call Ronit at 972-54-917-3729 or contact us using the form on the home page. We'd like to get as many people hiking as possible!
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